Our Story

Shell and Paul both obtained their masters degree in counseling psychology to purse their individual interests in the mental health field. Shell has also worked in business, human resources, and spent several years working at a homeless shelter for women and  children in Flint, Michigan. Paul spent the majority of his career as a carpenter until later working with youth offenders and returning citizens. These rich experiences have transformed an entirely new concept in life coaching into strategies they wish to share. 

It is their passion to help individuals and couples by developing client centered strategies to assist in living a happier and more fulfilling life. Sessions are as frequent as the individual  decides and everyone is in complete control of the pace of there own strategic plan. How can your situation be improved? Let us help.


"We create a space people can turn to free of judgment, diagnosis, and insurance hassles. They can walk away with easy to use daily strategies"

Our Mission

  We owned and operated a successful mental heath agency in Kalamazoo, MI for several year and we recognized that a majority of our clients were simply struggling with the difficulties of life. We learned that these clients did not need a diagnosis or wanted the hassle of complicated insurance involvement. They just needed a little temporary help to overcome issues they were currently dealing with. We developed strategies, both general and personalized, and before long we realized that we were making a real difference. 

 We still recognize the importance of traditional therapy in some cases. We will even suggest those services if we feel that it is needed. So if you are dealing with personal issues or problems in your relationships then book a free 15 minute introductory session and let us determine how we can best help you.