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Want to reinforce positive thinking? Reclaim what’s important with these daily strategies to feel better.


Life can pull you in every direction and leave you with negative thoughts, if you let it. It’s easy to beat yourself up over decisions and be confused over which direction to take next. That doesn’t have to be your life though. Counselor and Strategic life coach Shell Phelps has years of therapy experience helping people find their center. Now she’s here to share her powerful collection of wisdom so you can build an instant library of problem-solving tools for focusing on the good.


The Big Bliss Blueprint: 100 Little Thoughts to Build Positive Life Changes is a straight-to-the-point guidebook to help you gain immediate insights into your situation. Divided into eight clear sections, just flip to any page for a refreshing change of perspective, positive thinking, and a specific strategy to apply. By chipping away at life’s challenges, you’ll open up your heart, simplify your life, and recover your serenity and success.


In The Big Bliss Blueprint, you’ll discover:

- Eight targeted areas to get you unstuck and moving forward

- Self-guided techniques you can use on the fly to gain clarity      for any decision

- Relationship and communication tactics to help you find your    authentic self

- How to form smart goals that will attend to your self-care

- Quick and easy references for getting back to feeling good,      and much, much more!


The Big Bliss Blueprint is a must-have resource to deal with daily hurdles. If you like easy-to-follow advice, motivation, and small changes that solve big problems, then you’ll love Shell Phelps’ transformational guide.


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"Expertly written, impressively well organized, thoroughly 'user friendly' in presentation and style, "The Big Bliss Blueprint: 100 Little Thoughts to Build Positive Life Changes" is extraordinarily effective and impressively practical…” - Midwest Book Review

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